Cirque du Elvis

Forget weird, creepy clowns doing impossible acrobatics, the King is coming.

Yes, the parent company of Elvis Presley Enterprises: ELPENT), recently said they would begin a new fancy french circus show incorporating the gyrating hips, orgasm-inducing baritone and manly swagger of Elvis.  Right now, flexible gymnasts from around the world (or at least Europe) are training their pelvises and shining their blue suede shoes for their performances. And they have some time. It seems that touring productions are expected to get underway in just about 18 months in Europe and Asia. 

Cirque du Soleil (which means circus of the sun in French) says they’ll produce the series basing them on Presley’s life and music. I for one probably won’t be buying tickets. I am saving my money for Cirque du Zepplin.