Norway’s Amazing Bergen

City with a Fjord Ability

I’m not sure if this wins the award for best or worst travel headline.  It is rather clever, though and nicely captures the point the author is trying to get across: Bergen, Norway sits on a fjord and is a more affordable alternative to pricey Oslo. 

I’ll take this a step further.  As much as I like Oslo, Bergen is a far better place to visit.  The weather is warmer, the scenery more beautiful, the town quainter, and the journey there (on Europe’s highest railway) is more spectacular. 

While Bergen can’t compete with the sheer number of Oslo’s restaurants and bars, the nightlife scene is active and engaging.  And the food, straight from the fjord, is amazingly fresh and delicious. 

Throw in a world-class aquarium, a klatch of beautiful art nouveau buildings and Unesco World Heritage recognition and you’ve got yourself a wonderful little Norwegian town indeed.  Given the option, I’d gladly skip Oslo in favor of charming Bergen any day.