Red Corner: The Gems of Slovenia

Many people confuse Slovenia with Slovakia. The only thing they have in common, however, is that both were once part of a much larger country under communism. Slovakia was the less sexy half of Czechoslovakia while Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia.

Today, both countries remain in the shadows, hardly known outside Central Europe. This is, of course, a real shame.

While Slovakia certainly has its charms, Slovenia is starting to pull ahead as a true tourist destination. When you consider the fact that it shares borders with such amazingly beautiful countries as Austria, Hungary, Italy, and Croatia, you’ll understand why.

A great article in The Belfast Telegraph sums up the highlights this “little gem of a republic” has to offer. Adventurous travelers can engage in skiing, hiking, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, and spelunking. Cultural travelers can explore castles, monasteries, music festivals and culinary tours. And, nature lovers can relax in the region’s lakes, mountains, and coastal areas.

For a country roughly the size of Wales, Slovenia has a tremendous amount to offer. The Belfast Telegraph article is a very good starter for those interested in such multi-faceted vacation opportunities. To help point you in the right direction, accommodations, airlines, and tour operators are all listed in the article.

One of the more interesting operators mentioned, Just Slovenia, arranges food and wine tours in the countryside with stays in local farmhouses. I’ve stolen the above photo from their website. Those amazing mountains and bright green meadow should be motivation enough to book yourself on the next flight to Slovenia.