NY Mag Great Cities of the World

We are, by most accounts, though not officially, out of springtime, so perhaps a look back at a Spring Travel guide is doing y’all a bit of a disservice. But I failed to catch this site back in April, so I offer it now in the hope that you’ll be able to troll it’s pages and find something of interest, like I did.

The guide here is of many of the world’s top cities and comes from New York Magazine. Miami, Sydney, Rome, Los Angeles, and more are covered in decent detail, with luscious photos, restaurant guides and even a handy phrase book that can help you navigate the linguistic warrens of places like London. (i.e. Nang: means really good, excellent….does it now?).

But again, we are progressing smoothly (or not so smoothly if you count the torrential rains yesterday) into summer, so tread wisely as you use the guide to augment your summer travel planning.