Swiss Army Knife MP3 Player

In 1891, Victorinox delivered their first pocketknives to the Swiss Army and history was made;   Victorinox has been producing quality Swiss Army Knives ever since.  Sometimes companies this old, however, get too mired in tradition and never move with the times.  This may have been the case with Victorinox for many years, but a brand new product indicates that the company currently has its thumb on the pulse of today’s hip consumer.

The Victorinox S. Beat combines a knife, scissors, and nail file, with a 1 GB audio player!  Plug that baby into your computer and download songs, or simply turn on its FM radio and you can get jiggy while whittling sharp sticks.  A pair of headphones plugs nicely into the unit so as not to irritate other campers while performing said whittling.  The unit also comes pre-loaded with Swiss yodeling classics such as, There be Holes in My Cheese and Fondue on My Lederhosen, Yao Yao Yao!

The only downside to this otherwise great product?  Good luck getting it on the plane.