Yurts R Us

Say it. Go ahead and say it. I know you can. “I want a yurt!” Yes! Say it again: “I want a yurt!”

Good for you. Yurts are big business these days. It seems like EVERYONE is getting one. Why, the neighbors right down the street, Mr. and Mrs. Whatzenfutz, they just bought a yurt. Looks great on the front lawn, too. Oh, my kingdom for a yurt. O, that this too too solid flesh would melt, thaw and resolve itself into a yurt!

What’s all this to do about yurts, you ask? Well, there I was stumbling around the Web like a drunken sailor, and I came across this site that actually sells yurts. Rainier yurts, it is called. O honestly don’t know why I am making such fun. I guess it’s just the sound of the word, because the yurts themselves seem pretty damn cool. I could easily see buying myself a little swatch of property in the hills and plopping a yurt down, raise the kids, own some wooly sheep. That would be just fine.