Yotel Hotel

A cool concept in the hotel arena. A new hotel…it bills itself as a “radical hotel” is to open at Heathrow Airport for all those poor folks with absurd layovers (and you know and I know how absurd they can sometimes be). Called Yotel, you will be able to check in for “blocks of four hours” (at 25 pounds each) or to stay over night should your layover be THAT bad.

But this is no run-of-the-mill rent-by-the-hour flophouse. No, you will bask in sybaritic luxury, with a “Techno Wall with desk” that will allow you to charge and listen to your ipod, a flat screen TV with surround sound speaker system and (of course) free Internet and Wi-fi.  There’s more to the concept, but let me not spoil it for you. Go and check it out yourself.