Word for the Travel Wise (06/16/06)

Great news all – After a week or two of extensive search efforts by my incredible travel agent Andy, I managed to score and purchase my tickets into Dushanbe for late summer. As you can tell I’m pretty excited and considering some of the leaps and bounds taken to get this ticket I’m hoping you’re equally excited if not more.

Today’s word is a Tajik word used in Tajikistan:

mailesh – okay

Tajik is the official language of the country and is closely related to the Persian (Farsi) language spoken in Iran. According to Wiki the most important Tajik-speaking cities of Central Asia are Samarkand and Bukhara which are located in present-day Uzbekistan. In addition to giving interested language learners a taste at some commonly used words and phrases, the Great Game Travel Company has excellent info and short trips for touring the city of Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Be sure to check out the list of words first. If you’re near the University of Washington look into their Near Eastern Language Programs. Lonely Planet has a pocket-sized phrasebook on Central Asian lingos worth packing along and several other book picks can be found by clicking here.

Past Tajik words: rohi safed