How to Get It All Into One Bag

If there’s one thing even the most seasoned traveler often has trouble with, it’s packing. The problem is a lop-sided one, too. You pretty much never have a problem packing too little. It’s always wanting to cram too much into your suitcase (or suitcases…or duffel, or backpack) that creates a problem. Well, if the Internet is great for one thing, it’s for allowing people with a littlest of concepts to create a site dedicated to that wee little idea.

Thus, I offer you, a site dedicated to helping you figure out how to reduce everything you own, or at least that you want to carry with you, to just one little bag. A nice concept, I admit. And the site says that learning to pack light will offer you security, economy, mobility, serenity. How nice.

The key principles in packing one bag, says the site are what to take, followed by what to take it in and how to pack it (particularly the folding of clothes). Seems pretty simple, but you’ll be surprised what you can learn.