Word for the Travel Wise (06/22/06)

These days I’m poking around land fit for outlaws in vast New Mexico desert. As nice as it feels to be alone in the calm, quiet stifling hot Land of Enchantment I do miss the sounds of the city. The other downside to being in the middle of nowhere is the lack of internet access (bah) so if you’re wondering why I’m so short with blogging there’s your answer. I’m in the desert right now.

Today’s word is an Afrikaans word used in South Africa:

woestyn – desert

For learning Afrikaans online check out this Afrikaans.us site and Ominglot guide with additional links. Aviva has a nice list of words with their translations you may hear most commonly during your visit in the country. Parties with some knowledge of the language may wish to do some reading over at this blog all in Afrikaans. I haven’t a clue what the content is about, but it could come in handy. Note that the name Afrikaans is simply the Dutch word for African where Afrikaans is the African form of the Dutch Language.

Past Afrikaans words: bly stil , plakkies