Biking Europe

There are many modes of transport to embrace while traveling, but one of the very best is bicycling.  Cyclists are not trapped in a bus or rental car as the countryside whisks by, but are instead, part of the landscape itself.

I’ve never actually traveled abroad in such a manner, but have looked longingly from bus windows at bicyclists stopped at the side of the road enjoying the view, smells, and ambience so utterly lacking from my bus seat.  I suppose I’ve been a bit intimidated by the logistics of such touring and that’s part of the reason I’ve never mounted a bike in Europe. 

Thankfully, an article in The Independent is here to clear things up.  The data rich text answers all the basic questions one might have about biking in Europe and directs the reader to a number of websites willing to help out further.  Interested in downhill only?  The best routes in Europe?   Flying solo?  Joining a tour group?  Well, this article has it all.  Trash your Eurail pass, pack up your bike, and start peddling away.