Word for the Travel Wise (07/01/06)

Just spent a short amount of time poking around the Czech Rep tourism site and came across some eye-popping photos used to suck tourists in like a vacuum. Places like Domazlice, Cheb, or the Kopic Estate weren’t on my mind before, but I’m sure they’ll somehow find themselves in my late night dreams.

Today’s word is a Czech word used in the Czech Republic:

panelák – apartment block

Hit up Wikipedia for the background details on the Czech language. It is consider one of the world’s most difficult languages to learn due to the extensive morphology and free word order. Bohemica is a great, extensive, online starting point for new students. Their site is free from what I can tell and includes additional sources to helpful books and offline learning. Also, check out Amazon to purchase the Lonely Planet phrasebook and other beginner’s guides.

Past Czech words: zmrzl