The Long Haul

Having just got off a cramped, 10-hour flight from London to Los Angeles, I was pleased–albeit a bit frustrated–to come across the following New York Times article detailing the more comfortable airlines to enjoy on the long haul.  I flew British Air and while the service was decent and the movie selection okay, the seats were too narrow and the leg room non-existent–a big concern for a 6’4″ frequent traveler like myself.
It therefore made me cringe when Journalist Joshua Kurlantzick wrote that the seats on South African Airways were “cramped.”  This is because Kurlantzick is only 5’5″.
Kurlantzick uses this experience as inspiration to pursue the perfect airline where leg room, movie selection, food, and staff actually make flying comfortable and fun.  Check out the article and join me in my jealousy as Kurlantzick waxes on about the wonderful staff of Thai Airways, the “500-channel personal video system” on Emirates, and the walk-up bar on Singapore Airlines.  And all of this in economy! 

Can’t we just let United drown in bankruptcy and give Thai Airways their American domestic routes?