Wireless Headphones

Like millions of other Americans and, well, sentient beings with enough disposable income, I love my iPod. I carry it virtually everywhere I go. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Charlie Rose and This American Life, all part of my subscription to Audible.com, a service I have more or less found indispensable.  The iPod is great, but lately, I’ve also found that the experience of listening to my lovely little white device is severely diminished by a poor choice of headphones. The other day I went out for a paddle on the Hudson River and brought along my iPod, but forgot my headphones. So I skipped by the local Rite-Aid and got a cheap pair. This resulted in a miserable listening experience. The voice and music was tinny and muffled. Lousy quality audio, lousy quality experience.

Headphones are key. And the newest thing in headphones is wireless. No dangling cords from your ears to your player. Nice. So perhaps YOU are in search of good headphones? If so, I offer you this link to a series of reviews over at Outside Magazine that should take some of the head scratching out of knowing which pair of wireless headphones to buy. The one thing about wireless is they ain’t cheap, so keep in mind they’re likely to come down in cost in the near future. But if you absolutely MUST have a pair now, well, this piece will get you started.