Word for the Travel Wise (07/08/06)

Togo FlagHmm… At the time being I think things are going swell enough with my love life and health, but if things ever took a wrong turn and I wanted to make a vacation out of it, you better believe I’ll be heading straight to Togo. Well, maybe. The Marché des Féticheurs is the place to be to smell the monkeys’ testicles, snakes’ heads and seek spiritual guidance according to the LP online Worldguide. I’m not too sure about what those scents must smell like, but it sounds like an adventure.

Today’s word is a Ewe word used in Togo:

nunyamo – way of knowledge

As we learned before the official language of Togo is actually French. Togo has a couple major native languages Ewe and Mina are used in the south and Kabye and Dagomba are used in the north. There aren’t many resources for learning the native lingos online, but anyone with French speaking capabilities should maneuver their way around the country with ease. Global Crossroad has a 2 week language and culture program for volunteers preparing to start work in the area wishing to learn basic Ewe.

Past words from Togo: Koffi, o foin