Red Corner: Prague the Movie Star

Quite a bit can be said about a city based upon the movies that have been filmed there. Usually a theme arises that pigeonholes the city as the perfect location for a western, action film, period piece, or some other type of genre.

So what common theme ties together Amadeus, Mission: Impossible, Van Helsing, and Shanghai Knights? These four wildly different films have only one thing in common: Prague.

The Czech capital has stood in for dozens of film locations over the last 20 years. Some represent Prague as Prague while others tend to use it as a double for other locations such as Paris (Les Misérables) and Vienna (Amadeus).

Check out the nice article in BMI’s in-flight magazine detailing the various movies filmed in this wonderful location. They’ve included a couple of screen shots as well, to help you get a better feeling for Prague’s schizophrenic film personality.