Word for the Travel Wise (07/10/06)

In my younger years I wasn’t the type of gal easily wooed by a bouquet of beautiful flowers. I always thought, why chop something from it’s roots to tickle my fancy and brighten my home for a short amount of time. Don’t get me wrong, flowers are nice and I’ll kindly accept them as a gift, but it’s not really my sort of thing. However, I can spend hours on end in fields of colorful blooms and blossoms where they are probably happiest. Anyhow, to tie this in with our word of the day or at least the country of choice I picked Bulgaria because of its Valley of the Roses tourist site. According to their tourism bureau going to Bulgaria and not seeing the Valley of the Roses is like going to Egypt and not witnessing the pyramids. In other words it’s a big no-no.

Today’s word is a Bulgarian word used in Bulgaria:

mózhé bí – maybe

The Bulgarian lang falls into the Southern branch of Slavic languages and is closely related to Macedonian. It is the official lingo of Bulgaria and can also be heard in parts of Greece, Turkey, Romania, and Serbia to name only a few. To continue learning Bulgarian online head to BBC for the QuickFix with audio for the most common travelers phrases. EasyBulgarian online offers guides and nine lessons that help beginners learn the alphabet, correct pronunciation in addition to dialog from native Bulgarian speakers. Find a Bulgarian pal online to help with conversation at My language Exchange or pick up an Eastern European LP phrasebook for the road.