What Color is Your Jockstrap

Everyone who has spent some time traveling has got some hilarious (or tragic) story about something that happened to them. That’s one of the wonders of travel, after all, and one of the joys. Most often the remembrance of these stories resides in the mind of the beholder or as chicken scratch entries in a personal journal. But some of these stories (thankfully for all of us) find their way into print, and make for wonderful reading. One company out there has done a masterful job putting these stories into book form, providing required reading for all of us who enjoy a good yarn, and who are often on the lookout for layman’s travel literature that takes us beyond the instructional factoids found in guidebooks.

That company is Travelers’ tales. You might remember we had the pleasure a while back on interviewing the president of TT, James O’Reilly. Well, they are still at it big time, and one of the bright new reads available takes a somewhat new angle on travel lit: horror/humorous stories written exclusively (or, mostly) by men. I have not yet read this new book, with it’s giggle-inducing title What Color is Your Jockstrap (one note: who wears a jockstrap while traveling?), I know the editor, Jen Leo, and can therefore be pretty certain the the stories inside are themselves giggle inducing, if not gut-busting. Leo’s earlier books, The Thong Also Rises and Sand in My Bra are great reads. They can be picked up and read in short bursts, as the stories are quick and short and easy to digest. I suspect her new gender specific tome is equally as delicious and, um, digestible.