Dangerous Squid

I wrote a little bit yesterday about sharks and some of the programming that’s out there. The program Ocean Adventures with Jean Michel Cousteau takes a sensible and scientific look at sharks, and shows how beautiful and interesting they are. How worthy of protection. Then there is the squid. Not just any squid, not even the GIANT squid. This is a piece about the Humboldt Squid which, if the story here on Outside is to be believed, can kill you. I thought a lot o the writing here was hype, but I have to admit I really enjoyed the piece. The Humboldt Squid lives in the warm waters of Mexico, and is an aggressive little bugger. Now, whether they will grab you by the head as a gang and then pull you to the depths to devour your flesh, well, that’s a bit harder to believe, but the article here makes fine reading.