Affordable Amalfi

Million-dollar views at hundred-dollar prices.”

This was the sentence that sucked me into a Budget Travel piece about finding affordable accommodations on the not-so-affordable Amalfi Coast in Italy. The coast is expensive to begin with, and now that the dollar has sunk so low against the euro, it is even more expensive for us Americans.

Fortunately, Reid Bramblett has done the legwork necessary to allow us poor travelers some luxurious accommodations and still have enough money left over to indulge in gelato. Take, for example, La Rosa dei Venti in Positano. The B&B has only six rooms, but each has, “a small terrace, decorated with flowers, that offers a view of the beach, mountains, turquoise waters dotted with anchored ships, and a medieval tower built as a lookout against Saracen pirates.” Prices range from $130-$190 per night.

Good job Bramblett! Once Italy recovers from its World Cup hangover, I just might make my way over there.