Kayaking Manhattan

I’m infringing on Erik’s beat with this post, but seeing as he is heading north to go kayaking and will probably miss this article, I thought I’d point it out to the kayakers in the crowd.

Today’s kayak piece comes to us from The Sunday Times in the UK. British landlubber Matt Rudd journeys across the pond and discovers one of the rare locations for peace and solitude in busy Manhattan; kayaking on the Hudson.

Rudd, however, is not an experienced kayaker and when he calls the fine people at the Manhattan Kayak Company and asks if the Hudson is a good place to learn, he gets this hilarious response.

“Well, gee, let’s think about it. In one direction, you got the mile-wide Hudson. In the other, you got 3,000 miles of Atlantic tidal power. They meet where you’re gonna go paddling. So waddayuthink?”

Rudd still manages to give it a shot, however, and bags what sounds like an incredible experience most people would never expect to find in Manhattan.