Weapon-Grade Barry

Occasionally while traveling I accidentally find myself in a place where the police don’t want me to be. They usually make this quite obvious in one way or another. Riot gear is what usually tips me off and sends me scurrying the opposite direction.

In a suburb of Sydney, Australia, the police are incorporating a more terrifying tactic: Barry Manilow. Tired of too many “car enthusiasts” partying away at a city park, the local police are attempting to dislodge them from their nefarious activities by blasting Barry at top volume. Officials hope that cranking “Copacabana” up to ear splitting decibels will send the late-night, Midnight Oil-loving partiers fleeing for audible sanctuary.

Four weeks into the barrage, it seems to be making some impact. The campaign, however, is expected to last six months in total; that’s an awful lot of “Mandy.”