Word for the Travel Wise (07/19/06)

Please tell me I’m not alone with this one, but remember when you were a kid and you’d go to the refrigerator open it, over and over again, always hoping your favorite sugary snacks or beverages would magically appear? I can’t lie – I still catch myself doing this on a regular basis, but more so with my American Airlines account online. Right about now I have enough miles to take me anywhere in the Carib or North America, but I want so badly to go to India! Until I get either the money to jet over or enough miles to get me there for (what feels like) free, I guess I’m just doomed to website clicking syndrome. Sigh…

Today’s word is a Hindi word from India:

paisa – money

There are several awesome resources online to learn Hindi for free and a fee. Wikitravel Phrasebook provides many useful phrases to remember for your journey. Let’s Learn Hindi is a colorful place to pick up the basics and some additional tools. Those interested in reading Sanskrit can click here and Pimsleur has great audio books. To purchase a Lonely Planet phrasebook for the road, click here to head to Amazon.

Past Hindi words: pankhaa, Ravivar, lajawab