Best Places to Live (USA) 2006

Every year Money Magazine ranks the “Best Places to Live” in America. They base their research on a large list of factors, such as size, job opportunities, schools, quality-of-life indicators, crime, education, park space and more. This year, Fort Collins, Colorado takes the top spot.

1. Fort Collins, CO
2. Naperville, IL
3. Sugar Land, TX
4. Columbia/Ellicott City, MD
5. Cary, NC
6. Overland Park, KS
7. Scottsdale, AZ
8. Boise, ID
9. Fairfield, CT
10. Eden Prairie, MN

Just as interesting are other rankings Money Magazine includes on their website…

Best Educated Cities (#1 Arlington, VA)
Most Singles (#1 Bloomington, IN)
Biggest Earners (#1 Greenwich, CT)
Priciest Homes (#1 Newport Beach, CA)
Youngest (#1 Jacksonville, NC)