Getting Good Gelato in Italia

If I’m correct when I reflect back and say this then I had my very first gelato experience ever like two days ago, but it was far from Italy. Considering it was the only gelato spot around for miles a guide to finding the BEST wasn’t really necessary. In that kind of heat I would have taken the gelato from the palms of a bum on a shady Venice Beach side street. In Italia it’s different though. It’s the home of gelato. The real deal. You want to score the best. But how?

Valerie Ng at World Hum fills readers in on telling the best from all the rest. Long lines are a good indication in any place and Italy is no exception. Just be sure to line up behind all the Italians and not your foreign look-a-likes. Search for the signs that read “fatta in casa,” which means the gelato was made in house. Learn how to order, a little gelato lingo and some advanced technique to help get you the best gelato in all of Italy. Check out all of Ms. Ng’s tips. Something tells me she really knows what she’s talking about.