Surviving Long Flights

So, I did some rather loud complaining about how poorly I felt we were treated this weekend by Continental Airlines, and while I still feel their customer service was abysmal, at least we’re home now and can take a deep breath to reflect on the trip as a whole. Of course, that breath will have to be quick because it’s time to get to work. No rest for the weary…or however that goes.

But before I get into the details of the trip, let me just ruminate a teensy bit longer on the travails of plane travel. Or better yet, let me merely offer you a fine link to a site that other travelers who endure long, painful flights might find quite useful. This was sent in by a gadling reader, Ron Larsen who delivers here some excellent tips on how to survive long flights. From packing ideas to tips on what you should eat where you should sit and more, the site is rather chock full of insightful info. Kinda wish I’d read this before I started my return this weekend.