Word for the Travel Wise (07/24/06)

The best thing about traveling sometimes is the return home after you’ve made incredible lifelong friends across the globe. From time to time they’ll only be other backpackers exploring the same terrain, but if you’ve made a good effort to meet more locals than tourists you’ll always have a connection, contact and place to go back to on your return one day. Such is the case with one of my dear old pals in Romania who I try to touch base with whenever I have a free moment. With that being said I’m off for the night and to shoot her an email! La reverede.

Today’s word is a Romanian word used in Romania:

buna – hi

If you’d like to know some real practical basics visit this Easy Romanian site. They offer proverbs, months, numbers, and days of the week. As usual Pimsluer offers great audio methods and Lonely Planet has a pocket sized phrasebook for Eastern European langs. BBC has the quick fix holiday downloads with the very, very, basics of the language worth looking into.

Past Romanian words: ciocan, no roc, multumesc