Cheng White Shark Photos

Gadling fans who like to dive…or those who even just like big angry fish with huge flesh-ripping teeth…I have a BIG surprise for you. Eric Cheng of Eric Cheng fame and Wetpixel fame has outdone himself this time. Now, it’s been way too long since we linked to Eric.

I have no excuse, really. I’ve been focused on other things like paddling and haven’t done a food diving post in a while. But Eric recently told me to check out a series of his photos of a Great White Shark and, well, I don’t want to have to describe these.

I ask you, no I beseech you, check them out for yourself. Yes, do yourself a mighty favor and head to this link now for some very cool photos. You won’t be sorry.

(And no, this is not our Photo of the Day…it’s far too good for that and I figured deserved its own post. POTD will be coming shortly.)