Junky Travel Sites for Travel Junkies

Junky is the kind of word I’m attracted to, partially because there aren’t too many bad habits I have that are hard to kick. But it’s the type of word when paired with those like travel and vacation becomes highly desired by all and everyone. Example: “He’s such a travel junky. From Omaha to Havana, Cuba, there isn’t a place in between he hasn’t been.” Yeah, travel junkies are a cool breed of folk, so it’s not surprising there are sites like this cuba-junky.com place for those with an insatiable interest in Cuba to head to and start planning their vaca. Check out the impressive photo galleries or basically anything you’d like to know about Cuba here.

Other travel-junky sites include: Dominican Republic, Brazil and Jamaica. I’d say they’re pretty gnarly and worth ten minutes of your time if not more, but I’m a travel junky myself so there you have it!

Hello, Hi, my name is Adrienne and I HEART travel to everywhere, anywhere and yes of course there too. I’m a travel junky. Goodbye.