Monteverde Cloud Forest Feels Global Warming

If what this piece is saying is true and I’m sure it is very true, then it makes me very sad. Global warming is out there. This is something we all already know, but when you hear it is affecting the places you live or know personally, it stinks to soak in the news. Connected Traveler has a story which describes the way global warming is impacting Monteverde, Costa Rica’s famed Cloud Forest. From the things travelers track in to the area to some very interesting climate changes, who know show the place will look in 10-20 years. For me, Monteverde was the first place my close pal conned me into zipping across the tops of the trees and through them on our 16 cable zip-line adventure. Something I can now say I did once, but needn’t do again.

Next time might be the time for me to start helping to protect this wonderful Costa Rican ecosystem.