Caribbean Islands & Hurricane Season 101

With storms brewing and the weather being all out-of-wack these days, it’s easy for a traveler eyeing the Caribbean to look the other way. I myself have been guilty at one point in assuming all the islands were doomed during the months long season of torrential rains, lightning and overall horrific T-storms, but such is not always the case. The Miami Herald has a nice little write-up on the Dutch-flavored Caribbean island of Curacao, which hasn’t been hit head-on by a hurricane since 1877. While Curacao is the featured island of the piece there are two others, Aruba & Bonaire, that clump the three into what can be called the ABC’s of hurricane season since ill-winds rarely grace any of them during the time.

For Curacao, there are many reasons to visit aside from escaping the storms that plague other nearby islands. Beaches are almost a given and there is tons of diving for the underwater fanatic. The author of the piece also explores the hip side of Curacao and describes the Museum Kura Hulanda in downtown Willemstad, the Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue, and a classy outdoor music venue at the Avila Beach Hotel.

Sounds like a good place to go to me. Avoid the rain-pelted beaches by traveling to Curacao this season! I wish I could. Um, yeah!