El Carmen Wilderness

You think it’s hot here, wait until you hear my suggestion for a place to go this summer….OK much later this summer. In fact ,let’s say fall. But the point is, I just read about this place and it seems cool (in the “neato” sense) so I figured I’d write about it. There is more than wonderful scenery to be found in the deep canyons at the Northern tip of the Sierra del Carmen. This wilderness area along the border of California and Mexico provides sanctuary to some 400 bird species as well as 70 mammals and 50 types of creepy crawly reptiles and amphibians. The area is under the watchful eye of conservation groups ,even though Mexico doesn’t have the best reputation for protecting its natural resources. But CEMEX ( yes ,the cement company) says it’s taking steps to preserve the place. Anyway, the El Carmen Wilderness Area recently opened and is inviting all…as I said, though ,in the fall.