Alaska’s Seward Highway

It was a couple of years ago now that I did an epic six-day sea kayaking adventure in Alaska with two of my best friends. That was easily one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. We were some 30+ miles away from anywhere, camping on beaches, paddling through ice fields, gazing up at the face of massive glaciers. Ahhhh, just the thought of that trip makes me smile. And one of the other high points of that trip was making the drive down the Seward highway. We blew into Seward for the famous Fourth of July Mount Marathon race. We kicked back and munched hamburgers while sturdy folks raced up some 3000 feet in a couple of minutes. Gnarly.

Well, all this preamble babble is to send you over to check out a couple of pieces and photo galleries on this marvelous road trip .First ,just fro general info go to Cloud Travel to pick up some general facts and explore other links. It’s just a short reference piece, but it’s a start. Then go look at the little photo gallery here. This site provides a kind of mile by mile…or ten miles by ten miles…road tour of the highway, highlighting things to see and places to stop as you cruise along. And finally, the folks at have put together a nice one-page guide to the highway that you’ll find useful. So that’s my road trip rec for the day.