Top Ten Scenic Routes from the Sky

I’m not a window guy. At 6’4″ I find it horribly uncomfortable to cram myself into the window seat. When I do get stuck there, however, I spend most of the flight with my face pressed against the window like a ten-year old on his first flight.

Naturally some flights are better than others for sightseeing. The Telegraph (UK) interviewed ten pilots to find out which routes were their favorites for exceptional views from high altitudes. The pilots were also asked (less interestingly) to name their favorite hotels and restaurants they frequent after arriving at the destination.

Naturally, the results covered the globe. One of the most fascinating was the journey from London to South Africa where window sitters can marvel over the Nice Riviera, Atlas Mountains, oil refinery fires in Nigeria, and sand dunes in Namibia.

New Delhi to Bagdogra also sounds appealing; the route passes through the Himalayas and offers passengers on the left side of the plane a view of Mt. Everest.

I’d like to add my own favorite to the list as well: Los Angeles to Seattle. This route passes over Yosemite Valley and a handful of volcanoes in the state of Oregon.