Staying one step ahead of the scam artists is unfortunately an important part of nearly every vacation.

Because tourists are both naïve to local customs and usually stuffed with cash and valuables, they make easy targets. And, because of the way they tend to dress, they can be spotted from miles away.

Here in the USA, unlucky tourists are usually removed from their cash at gun-point–a highly unoriginal and brainless crime. But elsewhere, robbery tends to be a little more sophisticated. In fact, some of the scams employed at tourist destinations around the world are actually quite brilliant.

Take for example, the young kid in Moscow recently who darted in front of me and picked up a fat wad of American bills he found on the ground–or so it appears. He looked at me with some fine acting and offered to split the find since we had both happened across it at the same time. Had I accepted, he would have disappeared with his half and a moment later, a couple of burly men would have suddenly appeared and asked for the money back they had dropped. Since I only had half, they would have made sure I made good on the other half… or else.

Although this scam is not mentioned specifically, The Telegraph has a list of 20 others to be aware of while traveling. Take a moment to read it over; it might be all that keeps you and your money together on your next trip.