The Dive Doctor Answers Your ?s

It’s been a while since we did a scuba diving post here. I suppose we’ve kind of let the folks over at Divester handle the topic lately. Too bad, that, because I very much want to get in the water again and blow some bubbles. I think it’s been almost a year since I last went diving. Damn.

Well, here are a few questions:

What do you do if you’re diving and someone you’re diving with gets the bends? How long should you wait before flying after a deep dive? Is alcohol bad to drink before diving? Al good questions that both novice and expert divers don’t necessarily know the answers to.

But you can find out the answers yourself by going to Doc’s Diving Medicine Web site. The “Doc” in question here is Edmond Kay, who is a Diving Medical Officer for the University of Washington, and also Medical Director for the Divers Institute in Seattle.

I got certified some 13 years ago in Seattle, and I’ve done probably 120 or so dives. But I still found the info on this site very useful. You know how fast knowledge can fade if you don’t use it regularly. This is a nice little site to check out on a Friday while you’re waiting for the day to wind down. By the way, let me also recommend a book (whose authorship was clarified by the Doc himself), called Scuba Explained. The book was written by Lawrence Martin, MD, and it can be purchased online, but there are also large portions downloadable, all of which make good reading.