Mojave’s Very Odd Airport

Here’s a pretty cool website.

Anyone who has ever made the drive from Los Angeles to Mammoth Mountain has driven by the very unique Mojave Airport. This is not a commercial airport. In fact, it’s more of a graveyard. Major carriers send their planes here for storage and when you drive by on the freeway, you can see hundreds of them lined up like an enormous parking lot.

What I never realized is that Mojave is much more than just an airplane graveyard. All sorts of odd things go on here and naturally, there is a blog which tracks them all.

I’m not sure how Alan has managed to stay on top of so much of the goings-on, but his site is full of information about various experimental flights, missile transfers, antique aircraft, testing of the President’s new Marine One helicopter, visiting MiG fighters and more.

Since the airport is not generally open to the public, the poor guy must hang out in the hot Mojave sun with a telephoto lens and lots of sun screen. He’s done a great job, however, of documenting this very interesting airport and I urge you to take a look at some of the entries. Alan is a real plane fanatic and gives some great details on the unique aircraft that comes and goes from this otherwise desolate strip of California desert.