Segway 2.0

Remember all the hullabaloo the Segway caused when it was first a rumor? Man, I do. There was speculation in my office that someone (i.e. Dean Kamen) had invented an anti-gravity device or a time-space continuum disruptor or a flux capacitor. And then it turned out to be that sort of clownish stand-up go-cart. I actually got to ride a Segway the day they came out publicly and thought it was rather fun, but of course, I knew I’d probably never own one.

Why are we talking about Segways ?Because it looks like Kamen and Company, flush with not so much success in sales, is introducing a second generation of its big-wheeled scooter. Two new models unveiled recently include the i2 — a simplified version of the original — and the x2 — a souped up all-terrain model, the kind that forest rangers will use to cruise dirt roads and trails (wait, I see a whole new adventure sport coming up in the future).

Well, the new models are much more high tech than the first. They include a Bluetooth-enabled “InfoKey”, which will provide readings for an odometer, speedometer, battery usage and anti-theft protection. And, of course, they still aren’t cheap. The pricing for the x2 hasn’t been announced yet, but the i2 will set you back $4,995.