Word for the Travel Wise (08/15/06)

Hmmm….With each travel wise word feature I do I try to frequent the various tourism sites out there for each country. This Discovery Bangladesh seems like a newbie to me unless I missed it somehow, but the content is spectacular for travel planning. Very clean, neat and informative site for all things in and around this lesser explored Asian gem.

Today’s word is a Bangla (Bengali) word used in Bangladesh:

nir dohsh – free (gratis) as found in the LP phrasebook / innocent; as noted by Gadler

Web resources for Bangla are few, but you can pick up quite a few words reading (not skimming) through the Wiki and from this Bangalinet site which has a small tutorial on how to write in the script. Beyond those two I’m sure there are others, but as I mentioned above it was like pulling teeth to get this word. With that being said class is dismissed.

Past Bangla words: bhromon, shobbho