Not All Travel Blogs Created Equal

International Herald Tribune must have had about all they could stand with the travel blog community considering how they recently ran a rather lengthy piece on keeping a watchful eye out for bogus travel blogs. There first tip in testing the authenticity of a blog is to measure it against what you already know of a place or do more personal research. They’ve found a number of blogs on the web are just another means for PR companies to spread their messages or web pages where readers will get blasted by advertisement after advertisement. Not too surprising really.

Also included in their travel P.S.A. are a number of travel sites that offer decent how-to information or blow-by-blow personal travel accounts of the places you’ve been longing to go. They also call out a few just sucking up web space. Gosh – Would hate to be on that list. Eeek! In the end it’s all a matter of personal opinion.