Red Corner: Expats in Bulgaria

Living abroad is always full of challenges. Simply deciphering what type of milk to buy in the store can be a lesson in frustration when you don’t speak the language and have no way of telling the skim milk from the baby milk.

There was a time where the only resources available to help out were the local embassy personnel, and they’re never that friendly; especially if you have questions about milk.

So, it’s very refreshing to learn that, like everything else in life, the internet is here to help out.

Those of you planning on moving to Bulgaria anywhere in the near future, for example, will be happy to learn that a great site is up and running and ready to make your transition a little more smooth. is divided into four convenient categories: Business & Employment, Real Estate, Travel, and Lifestyle & Entertainment. There are also areas to meet other expats, and a forum to gripe and complain about the things you miss from home. The cheesiest section is “Expat of the Week” where you get to learn a little bit about those with whom you’ll be sharing the expat experience.

Love it or hate it, I wish I had access to such information before moving to Prague a number of years ago.