Word for the Travel Wise (08/21/06)

My mother always bags on me when I talk about moving overseas, because she doesn’t think I could do without some of the things I love most. For instance: egg nog. One time she created a story based in the Philippines where I order a young village boy to go down the river and fetch this unusual drink. Later, his twin brother shows up at my residence and I find his brother didn’t make a successful trip. It’s a rather cold story on my mother’s part I think. I admit, I’m a huge fan of the holiday beverage, but I could live without it to be in some place cool like the Philippines, India, or Sri Lanka for a while. Besides I try to get into the local flavor, but in the event I want something with a familiar taste in Bangalore then I can rest assured ordering this drink will deliver just that! Ha!

Today’s word is a Hindi word from India:

nimbu pani – lemonade

There are several awesome resources online to learn Hindi for free and a fee. Wikitravel Phrasebook provides many useful phrases to remember for your journey. Let’s Learn Hindi is a colorful place to pick up the basics and some additional tools. Those interested in reading Sanskrit can click here and Pimsleur has great audio books. To purchase a Lonely Planet phrasebook for the road, click here to head to Amazon.

Past Hindi words: pankhaa, Ravivar, lajawab, paisa