Getting Horizontal: The Best Hotels for Snoozing

Sometimes it’s nice just to stay in bed when you travel. Sometimes it’s nice to travel just to stay in bed.

With this in mind, Daily Candy has put together a nice little “Best of” list for those travelers with nothing on their minds except for a long row of Zzzzzz’s.

Best bedtime snacks, best rooms-with-a-view, and best breakfast in bed, are just a few of the categories covered. My favorite, Best Pillows, points you to the Cotton House Resort on Mustique Island which offers ten different varieties of pillows for those who want to pamper their noggin.

Noticeably absent? Best Mattress. I’m not sure how this one was left off the list, but I’ve run into my share of lumpy, bad mattresses that have tainted an otherwise good hotel room. Find me a place with exceptional mattresses and I will be a customer for life.