Red Corner: Retiring to Croatia

When the only Roman Emperor to ever retire decided to do so, he ordered a massive retirement home built in which to enjoy his golden years. Out of all the places to choose, Emperor Diocletian picked Croatia.

Today, the Dalmatian Riviera is once again attracting the attention of grey-haired seniors looking to settle down. The main difference, however, is that the current retirees are moving to Croatia not to build a grandiose palace, but to cash in on some very good real estate deals to be had.

Kathleen Peddicord, writing for MSN Money, has put together a wonderful little article summarizing the pros and cons of retiring to this ex-communist, former war zone that is quickly becoming the darling of Europe. Its 3,646 miles of coastline offer a host of affordable real estate while the country’s infrastructure provides some pretty decent tax breaks and other benefits. And, it’s amazingly beautiful!

Screw retirement! I’m buying a place now!