Word for the Travel Wise (08/24/06)

Since I’ve gone through the first half of the year pointing out Mandarin words I’m switching it up to go through the rest of the year with Cantonese. I started with Mandarin as I was told it is the more widely spoken of the two, but there are still hundreds of thousands of Cantonese speakers out there. I feel I need to recognize some of their words to the best of my ability. Today we start with an easy one.

Today’s word is a Cantonese word used in China:

léui yàu – travel

Cantonese is mainly spoken in southern Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and by Chinese minorities in Southeast Asia. Check out Wiki for a pretty extensive historical look at the lingo. Cantonese Online – A Tribute is a colorful site packed with info which offers a variety of free resources to learning to this spectacular language. If you’d like to learn some street slang as seen in popular Hong Kong movies there is a book for purchase on this site here. Last but not least scope out or pick up the LP pocket-sized guide to keep you talking on the go!

Past Mandarin words:
zhu ni hao yun, guo nian ha, mu di di, hao, xiang zi, zai jian