Never Heard of

Here’s something short and sweet: 25 Best Places you’ve Never Heard of.

How does Sal, Siwa, Imlil, Agadez sound?

Or, Kas, Triglav National Park, Algamitas, Erice, Calvi or Lohéac?

Yep, they sure live up to the title. The first set is located in Africa, the second set in Europe and I haven’t heard of a single one.

Budget Travel asked professionals who tour the world on their company dime to come up with the very best, undiscovered locales in which they’ve found themselves searching for coffee beans, new foods, textiles, or other marketable goods.

This is one article I’m going to be cutting out; the more obscure and unknown a place is, the more fascinating it becomes for me.

Take for example, the above mentioned village of Siwa (photo above) which “is built atop an enormous network of natural wells, which bubble out of the earth in the form of two huge lakes–Birket Siwa and Birket Zeitun–and countless hot springs.” This is just one of 25 similar locations few tourists know about and even fewer will ever bother to visit.