Northern Lights Finland

Neil has posted here several times about the Northern Lights, and each time he does, I am reminded of the fact that I have never seen them. This bothers me. Seeing the Northern Lights, in fact photographing them, has long been a life list goal of mine, and the fact I’ve never seen anything other than pictures bothers me. Well, pictures is what I have, so for now I have to stick to them.

As you probably know, to see the Northern Lights, you have to go North. Easy enough, right. But where? Well, Canada is a good start. But another place, where you can get not just a wonderful full of the lights, but also have a wonderful travel experience, is Finland. Finland has long long been on my list of MUST-VISIT countries. No question about it. I’ve wanted to walk the cobblestone roads of Helsinki and sip aquavit there (not to mention check out the lovely Finnish women) for much of my life. And as I say, now I have another reason to go. Here, see what I mean. Check out this series of amazing photos of the Northern Lights in Finland and tell me it wouldn’t be great to go there? Man, I’m ready to buy my tix now.