Travel Works of Titouan Lamazou

Earlier this month I found some dazzling artwork by a French woman of the name of Aurélie Pedrajas. Today I decided to revisit the site to see if there where any updates or new colorful pieces worth admiring. In the process of doing so I became curious at what things the artist fancies and went on to explore some of the links listed on her page. Of those links I discovered the travel artwork of another French artist – Titouan Lamazou and I was equally blown away.

Not to skip over Pedrajas and her artwork, but I do wish to point you over to Lamazou’s site. His most recent project Femmes du monde (Women of the World) has been in the works since 2002 and is set to be published, exhibited, and broadcasted in audio visual programs in 2007. From what I can see online it looks to be quite promising whenever it finally hits the streets. For now interested art lovers can purchase a few previous art pieces from