Word for the Travel Wise (08/27/06)

Okay, this news is a bit dated, but when I saw the headline I laughed out loud. Seriously. Pestiside.hu has a small blurb on some new traffic rules being enforced in the country which they claim plans to turn Hungarians into US-style safety sisses. How comical is that? I’ve seen how they drive over there and it’s insane! The new traffic rules are in regards to the use of reflective vests and if you’ve got a moment it’s quite funny to find who they point out as frequent users of the vests here in the states. Go to Pestiside.

Today’s word is a Magyar (Hungarian) word used in Hungary:

kijárat – exit

The Hungarian lingo is a Finno-Ugric language, which you can learn more about at Wikipedia, right now let’s stick to the places you can learn it for free. Hungarotips is a completely free site with beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons. This impulzus web page has everything you’d basically find in a LP guide. There’s no audio, so read a little about the alphabet and then find someone who’s willing to make sure you speak like a local. The verbal exchange will be very rewarding I am sure. As always remember to scope out the BBC for basic lang downloads.

Past Hungarian words: köszönöm, vásárlók könyve, hangverseny