Tunneling under Paris

Ever since posting about the Paris underground a few months ago, I’ve kept an eye out for further articles about the topic and was therefore very pleased to run across one in National Geographic Adventure.

Of course, the underground of which I write is not the subway nor is it the French Resistance. No, this particular underground is miles and miles of catacombs which stretch beneath the French capital. A short section is open to the public, but the remaining couple hundred kilometers are closed off and accessible only to the those willing to break a few laws and trespass.

Take a moment to read about the exploits of a couple of such renegades as they spelunk their way through bone filled catacombs, ancient bunkers, sculpted castles, the remains of an illegal underground cinema operated by the mysterious Society of Tunneling Mexicans, and a strange German troglodyte.

Sign me up! I want to go!